Burt, sometimes known as that green guy. Some people think he's part whale, some think he's a lizard of some sort, the only thing we really know about him is that he loves beer and he really wants to start a band so he can drink free beer. When he's not drinking beer or "fighting evil" he loves to read Nothing Nice 2 Say to help with his punk cred.
Carlos is the ying to Burt's Yang. A French bear who is commonly thought of as gay, Carlos enjoys fashion and pop music and loves reading Boy On A Stick and Slither because it's really fucking cute.
If Burt is the hero of Superfightfight!!! then Ludwig Eater of Souls (or just Ludwig for short) would be the villain. Evil to the very core Ludwig lives to make Burt miserable. When he's not planning destruction and terror Ludwig loves to read Gronk Comics
Henchman is one of the many hench-people who assist Ludwig in his daily task of killing Burt. Of course hench-people are incredibly inbred, republican and southern baptist so they are about as useful as keytaurs so henchman's time is better spent reading White Ninja Comics
Mr. Sun is the resident diety who is having a hard time keeping up with the times. He'd be much cooler if he read beaver and steve or bug and worm
Brooks the gay Elephant. He's an elephant who loves cock. Almost as much as I love Cortland the Comic
The New Heroes (Phillip and HJS3). The only talented musicians around. Phillip is a mouse who likes to dance. HJS3 is a renegade robot who was sent to earth to Destroy music but fell in love with Phillip's dancing so they create music to fight evil music-hating aliens (comicbook and cd coming soon... like 2014 soon). In the meantime read, Toddbot!!!
birdie the alcoholic creator of SFF who makes a few appearances to promote his tambourine playing and wouldn't be around today if it wasn't for American Elf
Peelander Z is a super awesome punk band that hasn't made an appearance yet. But I drew a picture of them anyways and everyone should love it! Peelander-Z!!!
Death, sometimes known as the grim reaper, sometimes known as just Death... this is the guy who needs to put an end to Keith Richards and Brittney Spears. Maybe if he wasn't so busy reading Angry D Monkey he'd be getting the job done!
Da Bearz is the hella-cool dope rap group created by Mr. Sun who is retiring from hiphop. Blatantly racist and too cute to not like, these guys don't read webcomics because they don't have that mad phat flava they are looking for
Shawnathan Motherfuckin Lightfoot, is the heavenly angel who makes music for birdie and listening to his music is a great way to get laid. Just as "his uncle".